Who We Are

Our company was founded in 2012 and its groundwork is the selection, standardization bottling and distribution of extra virgin olive oil. The origin is from small local producers, who have been selected according to strict quality and hygiene criteria and specifications so as to secure and guarantee the quality of the wonderful fruit of the olive tree.


 Kotylos is a sort of tumbler, very common in antiquity. The two handles symbolize for us the customer and our company.  They both support the Olive oil  located inside the Kotylos through a unique interpersonal trust.


At a time when the conscious consumer has a particular role in the movement of goods, our customer is for us our main Advertising means and furthermore the trafficker of extra virgin olive oil – he tastes the oil and then he recommends  it to his own people.

Our commitment  to the Customer means continuous control and monitoring of the product  "from A to Z": from the moment the olives are collected from the fine and beautiful Greek olive groves , then to the mill, to the reservoir control in the formulation of the product, the bottling  and  the final quality control before it reaches the hands of the customer.

 Finally, we wish you  to know that it is our deep belief that in the new business environment that is now beginning to be built in Greece there will be a position for companies -independent of the size of the business- that will actually redefine "this something" missing in previous decades and has to do with the ‘human touch’ and the human face behind the faceless business . That’s where we stand and that’s where we will be – along with you and with you. That’s where Kotylos will always be!